About Me

 Hi I’m Kevin Angileri and this is my dad Nick, and we are #carbaholics.  About six months ago, I asked my dad to watch a great movie by Joe Cross titled “Fat, Sick and nearly Dead“.  It is an amazing story about this overweight man with several illnesses.  Joe came to America to make this movie and crossed America drinking the juices of only fresh fruit and vegetables.  The results were no less than  miraculous.  In 60 days, he lost over 50 pounds and most of his illness disappeared.

So, we decided to help ourselves and other carbaholics find a better way to eat.  Now dad is a bit up there in age and this program would not be appropriate  for him.  P.S.  Please don’t ask dad his age, he is very vain about his age. although, I can tell you, he has been 49 years old for 23 years.

So, let’s get on the track to better health.  Join us on this exciting adventure.