Kevin Angileri Says Best Protein Shake

Kevin Angileri gets hundres of emails asking so many different questions.  One of the more popular questions is what is the best protein shake.  I have come to realize you get what  you pay for in this category.  We have all gotten those bargains for 5 or 10 pounds of protein for some crazy amount of money.  Then you go to taste it and its gross, and you can barely choke it down.  So Costco has 100% Whey Vanilla Protein powder in a 6 pound bag for around $33.00 which is amazing price, and taste good all by itself.  I personally like to mix it up and add different berrys and fruits, so I do not get bored drinking the same flavor each time.  This is a  delicious meal replacement.   Your talking about high protein and a low Carb meal replacement that is healthy and has good carbs.  This is better then running to the fast food joint.  So Carbaholics Anonymous recommends Costco Whey Vanilla Protein powder for the best protein shake.

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