Kevin Angileri Says 10 Low Carb Ideas For Snacks To Improve Your Health

Kevin Angileri Says Instead of grabbing for the potatoe chips, or pretzels, here are some other ideas to try. If you could make one change each day on how you eat. Think of how powerful change can happen to your body. We are talking about lowering your blood pressure, body weight, and cholesterol. We are asking you to get rid of the bad snacks and try these for two weeks. After two weeks tell us how you feel? Are you loosing weight, are you sleeping better, do you feel bloated? I promise you this, you will feel better, and your taking the right steps for better health. We would love to hear what other Low Carb Snacks you like. So please blog on the site. Carbaholics Anonymous is here to promote better eating habbits, and better health.

Low Carb Ideas For Snacks

Celery with Hummus
Fresh Berries with Low Fat Yogurt
Carrot Sticks
Vegetable Chard Wraps
Pickles but watch the Sodium
Hard Boiled Eggs Whites
All vegetables, especially green veggies
Protein Shake